Believe it or not, there are a lot of plumbing nyc projects you can pull off all on your own – without any headache, any hassle, and next to no specialized knowledge necessary.


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Now, some of them are going to be a lot easier than others, and you need to make sure that you know the difference between something you can handle and something that you cannot.

There’s a world of difference between the two, and you don’t want to find yourself halfway through the project only to realize that you’re way (WAY) over your head!

Fixing a toilet might not seem that difficult on the surface, but depending upon exactly what your throne needs to have repaired or replaced, it can be a 10-15 minute job or one that requires a complete and total swap out with something new.

And that’s going to require a lot more to pull off successfully.

But that’s why we’ve put together this quick guide for you. Armed with the information below, you should have no trouble whatsoever tackling a number of different Plumbing Company in NYC issues with just the tools in your home and a bit of help (from the web, from YouTube, or even from some of the best NYC plumbers around – like the ones employed by Plumbing NYC).

We’re going to breakdown the projects that you can easily handle, but also let you know what you need to do to get professional help when you’re in a little bit over your head. Pay close attention to the information included below so that you never have to worry about Plumbing New York issues ever again!

Let’s get right into it.

First things first – Know exactly how to use your shutoff valves!

This might be the most important piece of information you come across in this quick guide, and it is the simplest of all the fixes.

If you are dealing with a plumbing issue – any plumbing issue – you need to shut your water off INSTANTLY. There is literally nothing else you need to take care of until you take care of this. The water that is flowing through your pipes isn’t going to stop until you make it stop, and every single drop that comes out of a burst or leaky pipe, faulty faucet, or tweaked toilet is going to make your life a living nightmare.

To help make things easier though, most homes have a single source shut off that you can tap into to stop the flow of water in your home completely – which is going to be a big benefit, especially if you’re dealing with a serious nyc plumbing breach that occurs in multiple parts of the home.

This shut off is regularly located in your basement (oftentimes close to your utility box), but depending upon the layout of your home you could find it in any different number of areas. You should make sure that you find out exactly where your shut off handle is the moment that you take ownership of your home, and it’s not a bad idea to paint the actual hardware a different color than the rest of your NYC plumbing so that it can be immediately recognized by someone on the off chance that you aren’t home when the emergency strikes.

There are also a number of other shut-offs that you are going to want to track down and locate. There’s going to be one for each of your sinks, one on your toilet, and probably two or three “region shut-offs” that can help you shut the water off to different areas of your home without having to shut everything off.

These should also be color coded, but it’s a good idea to change the color scheme up so that you don’t ever confuse them with your main valve.

Any professional NYC plumber is going to tell you how incredibly important this is, and it’s something that you simply cannot ignore. Make sure this is taken care of before going forward.

Sweating copper pipes is something that just about anyone can take care of

One of the most important nyc plumbing skills you could ever hope to learn (and one that just about anyone can pick up in no time at all) is the ability to sweat pipes.

This is a fundamental aspect of modern plumbing, and is the most reliable way to connect multiple pipes or plumbing nyc materials to one another – especially when you’re dealing with copper fixtures. It looks a little bit intimidating from the outside in, but once you do it just a couple of times, you’re going to think it’s the easiest thing in the world.

The basics to sweating are as follows:

First off, you’re going to need to clean all of your copper pipes. Scrub them down with some wire brushes or a bit of steel wool, focusing on making the connection parts of the piping as sparkly clean as humanly possible. This is going to make or break how solid your connection is, while at the same time making your job of sweating the pipes a world easier as well.

Once that’s taken care of, you’ll need to heat the copper up with a blowtorch. It’s critically important that you heat the pipes and not the material, which is a common mistake that a lot of people make. Get a reliable blow torch with a full fuel cell, fire it up and dial the flame down to its tightest form, and then apply the heat in a sweeping motion to the end of the copper pipe.

Now you need to add your flux. This is a plumbing nyc material that is sold just about everywhere you can get your hands on construction supplies, and is going to look a little bit like a greasy paste. Don’t be shy about applying as much flux as the job calls for (or even going a little bit overboard) – you need to make sure that the entire joint is covered in this goop before moving forward.

The final step is to get your solder out and ready, applying it to your joint while keeping consistent heat on the joint. Make sure that the solder runs out as smooth as possible, and that there is just enough to completely seal the joint without lumping up anywhere.

The flux is going to react with the solder to create a perfect seal, and so long as you followed the tip above you should have no trouble whatsoever relying on this joint.

If you really want to get those fancy looking “perfectly polished” joints like the professionals make, you’re going to need to practice spinning the pipe while applying consistent heat and solder at the same time. It’ll take a bit of doing to pull off consistently (which is why pros like those at Plumbing NYC, who do this every day, are so good at it), but you should be able to do the same thing with almost no extra effort whatsoever!

Have a leaky pipe repaired by a plumber nyc

Before we jump into this specific (and very, very common NYC plumbing problem), it’s important that we establish the fact that not all leaky pipes are created equally.

There are some issues that you’ll be able to fix with next to no effort at all, but there are also problems that you’re going to need to hire help for or you’ll be in a world of frustration. These situations often times look similar, so if you (at any point in time) feel like you are struggling to solve a leaky pipe problem, call in the experts to do the heavy lifting for you.

The first step in this process is determining the actual issue behind the leaky pipe in the first place. You’ll want to grab a high powered flashlight, search all of your plumbing nyc for leaks and problem spots, and make a point to document any and all damage.

It might not even be a bad idea to spray paint damage on your pipes with a bright color, so that you won’t ever forget where the leak is originating from. This could save you a lot of time in the future.

From there, you’ll need to shut the water off to those pipes (as outline in the first tip for plumbing NYC projects above). You do not want to have to deal with a rush of water that comes flowing out when you take the pipes apart to fix.

Once that’s taken care of, it’s going to be time to disassemble the pipes you need to work on, which could involve heating them up at the joints and removing them to clean up or cutting the damage out completely – or a number of other approaches that will be determined by the type of leak you have to worry about.

The only thing that is certain here is that you’ll need to separate your NYC plumbing components to fix a leak. Sometimes you’ll be able to get away with just re-sweating pipes, but most of them, it’s going to involve a bit of work to repair completely.

“How hard could it really be?” plumbing nyc

A lot of plumbing NYC nightmares start off with the idea that the plumbing NYC project in front of you is “no big deal”, something that you can easily tackle all on your own.

And while that may be true in a lot of different cases, the truth of the matter is that this kind of attitude can get you into a lot of trouble in a hurry. A lot of very expensive trouble, the kind of trouble that you never want to find yourself in.

Unless you like the idea of having to hire an emergency plumbing nyc (and paying the kind of prices that these specialized experts easily command), you’re going to want to really assess the situation you are dealing with as accurately as possible. Look at things objectively, try to figure out if you feel comfortable tackling the work (and are truly going to undertake the project right away instead of procrastinating), and then make the right decision.

Sometimes you’ll push forward without hiring any plumbers in NYC. Other times you’ll look for specializes like the folks employed by Plumbing NYC to give you the help you need.

The important thing to remember here is that you never want to get sucked into the DIY-mania that seems to have captured the attention of just about everyone and anyone. There is just too much at stake, just too much that can go wrong, and just too much that you don’t want to have to deal with as far as stress and pressure is concerned to make the wrong decisions here.

When you’re dealing with projects of this magnitude, projects this important, you can’t afford to roll the dice. Not only that, but when we live in a world where pinching every penny counts for a lot, you just can’t “save money with DIY” when it’ll cost you two, three, or even four times as much to resolve those issues later down the line when things don’t work out the way you had hoped.

Pluming in NYC issues frequently require the specialized touch of a real expert, someone that has not only experience things like what you’re dealing with right now, but someone that has come out on top of these situations time after time.

You want to be able to trust your NYC plumbers to help you out when you need them most, giving you all the confidence in the world that things are going to be okay – you are going to be okay.

So when you need the help of professionals, always make the decision to work with the best of the best as far as plumbing NYC experts are concerned. Lean on a company like Plumbing NYC that has an established track record for success that can’t be topped – the kind of track record that you just won’t find everywhere else.

Contact Plumbing NYC today to see how they can help you out!