Plumber NYC working on pipes under kitchen sink

Plumber NYC working on pipes under kitchen sink

Almost everything you should expect with a bathroom remodel project

Every NYC plumbing service in the city is going to tell you that the more you know about how the project is going to on cold, the better off if you’re going to feel – the less stress you’re going to have to deal with, the less frustration that you’re going to have to fight through, and the fewer headaches you’ll have to deal with going through the roller coaster of emotions that almost every bathroom remodel project in volts.

Preparing yourself for any and every eventuality may be almost impossible when you’re talking about a New York City remodel project (after all, the plumbing system in this city is a patchwork of systems and hardware ranging from the newest of the new to pieces that are close to 200 years old (and some even older than that). There are definitely going to be bumps in the road.

Thankfully, you’ll be able to eliminate a lot of those bumps by making sure that you understand the basics of your bathroom remodel project before you start to dive right in. Even if you’ve never gone through one of these projects before, you’ll be able to have all the peace of mind that you deserve just by paying attention to the details that we are more than happy to share with you below.

Not only are you going to get a better appreciation for how much a bathroom remodel project in the city should cost, but you’ll also have a better appreciation for how long these kinds of projects take, what kinds of deadlines and milestones you should expect and anticipate, and how to navigate the sometimes rocky relationships that you’ll have with different NYC plumbing services and contractors if you don’t keep communication as a priority.

We are going to touch on a number of the biggest details that you are going to want to focus on throughout this project, but for the most part good old-fashioned common sense is always going to point you in the right direction. Provided that you’ve decided to work with the very best of the best when it comes to plumbing in New York City (like the professionals over at Plumbing NYC) you really shouldn’t have all that much to worry about any way.

Yes, you’ll want to focus on the details included below to make sure that the project is moving along as quickly and as efficiently as it should be when you work with pros like the ones over at Plumbing NYC, but for the most part they are going to take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

So long as you jump out ahead of any and all issues before they come down the line, or at least expect and anticipate the issues before they reach a boiling point, you really shouldn’t have too terribly much to worry about. We’ll try to point out the biggest roadblocks to a successful bathroom remodel project below, all in an effort to help you feel more comfortable about moving forward.

Ready to get right to it?

Great! Let’s dive right in!


Prepare yourself for quite a bit of dust

There’s never been even a single construction project tackled throughout human history that didn’t involve quite a bit of dust, dirt, and debris collecting in places where we never anticipate it to collect

Unfortunately, that’s just the reality of the situation. You’re going to need to anticipate dust issues ahead of time, clearly outline to your plumbing NYC professionals if anyone in the house has any breathing issues (if applicable to your specific situation), and make sure that the dust is being managed as best it possibly can be.

Most of the best NYC plumbing services in the area are going to take advantage of dust management solutions and products that almost complete be eliminate the movement of dust from one area in the house (the bathroom, in this case) to any other – and many of them are doing this with the use of “Sip Walls”. These are temporary plastic barriers that can be thrown up on almost any surface to block in a particular area, making sure that dust doesn’t escape throughout the rest of your home during construction. These solutions also give the plumbers the opportunity to work without having to worry about dust becoming a major issue, as they’ll be able to clean and collect the dust from this containment area when they’re finished with the project.

Some plumbing professionals in the city are even going to go as far as offering to clean up the entire house after they have finished their work, though these plumber NYC are usually far and few between.

Most professionals feel perfectly comfortable cleaning up after their own mess, but you are going to be very lucky if you find experts that are willing to go the extra mile and clean absolutely EVERYTHING to get the job done satisfactorily.


Prepare yourself for quite a bit of noise

Every single construction project throughout human history has involved a tremendous amount of dust, dirt, and debris – but they also always involve quite a bit of noise.

Even the best plumber NYC services around (the ones that use specifically designed tools that cut down and as much noise as possible) are still going to make quite a bit of racket while they give you the bathroom that you’ve always wanted. That’s just part and parcel of the process.

You’re going to hear saws going off, you’re going to hear sheet rock being cut, you’re going to hear furniture being moved, and (from time to time) your even likely to hear a plumber in NYC let fly with the kind of language that you’d probably only here down by the docs otherwise.

Again, this is to be expected, and just something that comes with the process of renovating your bathroom project. The noise is going to be pretty loud, pretty regular, and pretty consistent while they are working – but once the job is done, you shouldn’t have to worry too terribly much about any noise that you aren’t making!You might want to find a more comfortable space to get in a little bit of relaxation while you’re having some work performed, and you might even want to think about grabbing a hotel room for the duration of your construction project in the noise is becoming a real and serious issue.

For the most part, you should be able to live with the noise of construction (especially since bathroom projects usually aren’t all that involved in the first place), but if you aren’t able to handle the extra racket, don’t be shy about finding a solution that works for you.


Get ready for a roller coaster of emotions

It is very, very challenging to keep yourself completely composed throughout a bathroom renovation – especially when things are seemingly stacked against you.

There’s probably never been in NYC plumbing project that ever went EXACTLY according to plan, and that’s both a blessing and a curse. From time to time, plumbing NYC professionals are going to find shortcuts and helpful “workarounds” in the middle of a job that really speed things up. At other times, plumbing NYC professionals are going to bump into serious roadblocks that require not only just a bit of extra time to clear, but also another bump in the budget.

As long as you are prepared for these situations – the highs and lows of a bathroom remodel project – you won’t have to worry too much about writing the emotional roller coaster the way that some people do. It’s when you go into these situations without realistic expectations that everything just kind of spirals out of control before you know it.

That’s not the kind of position that you ever want to find yourself in, and one that is easily avoidable by making sure that you understand and accept that the entire project is going to have both highs and lows and that you’ll get through it until you cross the finish line.


Always expect the unexpected

As mentioned above, there is absolutely nothing “standard” about the state of NYC plumbing throughout the city, and you’ll be very (very) lucky if you’re able to get through an entire bathroom remodel project without bumping into a handful of unexpected surprises – both good and not so good.

It isn’t at all uncommon to start tearing apart the insides of your bathroom only to find that the entire wall is covered in this asbestos, that it’s taken advantage of irregular framing that is nowhere near up to code, that there are all kinds of electrical cords running this way and that throughout the entire chunk of the wall, and that your plumbing system is anything but brand-new.

So long as you anticipate these unexpected surprises (as best you can, anyway) you won’t be worrying about blowing your top or dealing with another major setback that just wasn’t on your radar. Instead, you and the NYC plumbing professionals that you’ve hired to work with will be able to effortlessly roll with the punches, so to speak, until you get the finished product that you’re after.

This is probably going to be one of the most challenging things that you need to take care of (mentally and emotionally, anyway), but if you’re able to handle the unexpected as it comes down the line, everything else is going to be a lot easier.


Get ready to change and pivot on the fly

The average homeowner changes the “specifications” of their remodel project anywhere between three and 15 times while under construction, and you should expect and anticipate to make at least a handful of changes on-the-fly as well.

Every single plumber NYC service out there understands, expects, and anticipates they are customers changing their minds, pivoting away from one component to another, and even completely re-establishing the overall push of a bathroom project, and many of them are just waiting for you to give the green light to do something else entirely. You aren’t going to bother your NYC plumbing company when you drop a change order in their lap, though you are going to have to expect and anticipate that any changes to the original order are going to change your budget.

Definitely try to speak with the NYC plumbing company that you’re working with before you make any changes whatsoever, and they’ll be able to tell you just how much you should expect the budget to have to change to get your new work order taken care of.

Do everything in your power to limit and minimize the changes that you are thinking about making, and you’ll be in a much better position moving forward. The more changes that you bring to the table the more you’re going to have to spend and overages, and the deadline for the completed project is going to continue to go further and further away as well.


Understand that delays are likely to happen

There are many different ways that a plumbing project in New York City can be delayed, and the odds are definitely stacked against you that your plumbing NYC project is going to continue along without any delays at all. It’s very, very unlikely that the finished product comes in “on time” or even ahead of budget, just because life has a nasty habit of getting in the way.

Maybe you get sick, maybe your contractor gets sick, war maybe the parts and components that you’ve purchased are nowhere near in stock and are going to be delayed by 10 weeks instead of just three or four days.

These are the kinds of delays that just seemingly pop up out of nowhere, but they’re the kind of delays that you should be able to expect and anticipate so that they don’t ruin your mood in regards to your plumbing NYC project.

At the end of the day, if you are working with the very best NYC plumbing service you can find (like the professionals at Plumbing NYC), you really aren’t going to have much to worry about.