East Village Plumber NYC Tips: Keeping the Bathroom Straight

plumber NYCThe bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, for obvious reasons. Here are a few tips you can implement to make sure everything stays in good working order.

Plumbing NYC service – General Tips

  • Run hot water down the drain every week to ensure no loose debris builds up.
  • Use a trash can for solid waste not specifically designed to be flushed own the toilet. Face pads, tampons, and other such things can’t be flushed, do don’t bother trying
  • Put your showerhead in a bucket of vinegar for awhile to clear it of mineral deposits
  • Call a plumber NYC to repair leaky faucets in the bathroom or shower
  • Fit your shower drain with a strainer, and clean it regularly. This prevents hair from clogging the shower drain.
  • Drop a strong base down the shower drain every three months. These are in drain cleaners – look for one that contains sodium or potassium hydroxide.


Plumbing NYC service – Showerhead Tips

  • As mentioned above, drop your showerhead into vinegar every once in awhile to remove mineral deposits and other water-borne detritus.
  • When removing your showerhead, make sure to wrap it in a dry cloth before applying the wrench. This will prevent you from damaging the metal.
  • Flush the head with clean, filtered water before replacing it.
  • Reassemble the showerhead and repeat every three months, or as needed.

Plumbing NYC service – Cleaning Aerators

  • Aerators are responsible for providing pressure in faucets. Cleaning them is required to ensure good flow.
  • Wrap the aerator in a washcloth and loosen it with a wrench. Finish unscrewing it with your hands. Be gentle in this step.
  • Take the aerator or spray head apart and keep track of all the parts.
  • If you have a hearty aerator, you can soak it in vinegar directly. If it’s more delicate, you should use a brush soaked in vinegar to clean sediment and deposits off the aerator.
  • After you’ve cleaned the aerator, put it back together, screw it back on, and ensure it’s back on tight with the wrench and washcloth.

Plumbing NYC service – Toilet Leaks

  • plumber NYCCheck your overflow pipe – water should not be overflowing through it.
  • If water is flowing through the overflow pipe, you should adjust your fill valve until the water level is about an inch or so below the overflow tube. Typically, this level is stamped or somehow etched into the pipe, so you’ll know when you hit it.
  • Drop some food coloring into the toilet tank. If there’s a leak, the bowl water will become colored in half an hour or so.
  • If the bowl color does change, you’ll have to replace the flapper.
  • If you need to replace the flapper, take a picture of the part and record the model. Take this information by the hardware store, pick up the parts you need, and bring them back home to install.
  • Follow the installation instructions. This is typically very straightforward and does not require the aid of a plumbing NYC service.