Overhead view of Caucasian plumber NYC repairing sink

Overhead view of Caucasian plumber NYC repairing sink

How would you like a $100,000+ New York City bathroom remodel for less than $20,000?

You aren’t going to be able to find too terribly many NYC plumber services/Plumbing NYC in the area that are going to take an $80,000 bath on a $100,000 plus New York City bathroom remodel project – but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be able to enjoy the same kinds of features and luxury elements that a $100,000 plus bathroom would run you for a lot less than that.

Working with the very best plumber NYC, as well as interior design experts that know exactly how to get a luxury look for less, you’re going to be able to transform your bathroom to a beautiful luxury of oasis for next to nothing – so long as you pay attention to the tips and tricks that we’ve included below.

Thanks in large part to the power and reach of the Internet today, as well as the proliferation of luxury bathroom features that have dropped the cost of most “must-have” elements significantly, it isn’t at all that challenging to create a bathroom that looks like it would have cost at least $100,000 in the city for less than the price of a brand-new Honda Civic.

It really doesn’t get any better than this!

If it’s always been your dream to come home to the kind of relaxing luxury bathroom that you’ve seen in the movies and on television, or if you’ve always wanted to upgrade your bathroom in New York City to something really special to help it sell and one of the most competitive real estate environments in human history makes no difference. The tips and tricks that you’ll be able to pick up in this quick guide will be able to help you across the board, no matter what your “end result” in mind really is.

The only thing that you are definitely going to have to “splurge” is when it comes to hiring the best plumbing NYC professionals or NYC Plumber you can find.

There is a world of difference between professionals that know exactly what they’re doing and how to produce the kinds of jaw-dropping results you’re looking for on a shoestring budget and those that are going to willingly cut every quarter imagine up along the way while doing shoddy work at the exact same time.

You definitely don’t want to find out how catastrophic failed plumbing NYC projects/NYC Plumber can become.

Luckily, that is something that you’re going to have to worry about when you use the play-by-play guide that we’ve outlined for you below. Sure, you’re still going to want to rely on good old-fashioned common sense and your own intuition to pick and choose different components that play nicely with each other – while adding that luxury look and feel you’re searching for – but for the most part this is going to be a relatively simple and straightforward process.

Ready to jump right in?

Bump up the size of your titles (sometimes significantly)

You aren’t going to find too terribly many luxury bathrooms in the city that cost $100,000 or more that are taking advantage of standard 3” x 6” shower tiles. It just isn’t going to happen.

Instead, you’re going to want to be on the lookout for tiles that are considerably larger to bear we’re talking about 2” x 9” or even 4” x 8”) to really “beef up” the space. Larger format tiles are going to add a lot of pop and depth that simply wouldn’t have existed otherwise, but they’re also going to give you the ability to wrap up your project a lot faster than you might have before. Laying a bunch of 2” x 9” tiles is going to go a lot faster than laying even more 3” x 6” tiles – so you’ll really be off to the races!

It’s also a fun idea to come up with contrasting color tiles and working with different depth of field ideas that you be with a chance to really play with the design of your bathroom without having to make any structural or layout changes. Again, all of this is a lot easier with larger format tiles, as they’ll be easier to lay and play with than the smaller ones are.

Use contrasting grout colors to improve the look of your bathroom

Now that you’ve upgraded to your tiles to a larger format, you’re also going to want to think about using a smarter grout color to really make those tiles pop. White ceramic subway tiles are always and attractive option (and probably one of the most iconic bathroom looks you’re going to find in the city or anywhere else, really) but without the right grout color they are going to leave you feeling kind of flat.

Now, if you mixed the right grout color – a different white that causes the ceramic to really pop or even a dark or colored grout – you’re going to be able to elevate those simple and straightforward white subway tiles in a way that you wouldn’t have been able to before.

It’s a subtle thing, it’s a simple thing, but it makes all the difference in the world. You aren’t going to notice it until you actually give the green light, but the odds are pretty good that you’ll never go with an “invisible grout” ever again once you see the finished product.

Best of all, grout is grout – and they all pretty much cost the exact same amount! If you’re going to have to draw money on grout anyway, you may as well make sure that it adds as much to the designed as humanly possible.

Trim out your tiles with accent pieces

This is going to involve a little bit of extra labor (not that much, but definitely a bit more than your standard tile job), but if you want to have a truly luxurious looking bathroom there’s no way to get away from tile accents.

Most of these involve different colored tile borders that kind of break up the monotony of a tiled wall, but from time to time they are going to involve their own geometric patterns, their own special little features, or even a bit of extra texture that didn’t exist before. Your tile guy probably isn’t going to be a new merged with the extra work that you are dropping in their lap when you ask to have your tile pieces trimmed out (though they might appreciate the bump in pay), but honestly there are only a handful of things that can really separate a so-so looking bathroom from one that really pops than this.

Best of all, you should be able to integrate these trim pieces into your overall bathroom budget without ever breaking the bank, especially if you ask your plumbing NYC contractor/NYC Plumber professionals for red hot tips on “extra” or unnecessary tile from another job that can be used in this application. You might be able to snap up a small amount of tile at no cost whatsoever (or next to no cost, anyway) just by asking!

Try out a tile rug

This is one of the most exciting design trends that are really starting to explode in popularity today, and it’s easy to see why.

One of the cleanest, most exciting, and certainly one of the most innovative designs we’ve seen in the bathroom world in recent years, a tile rug is essentially a “rugged” made out of geometric designs and tiles placed directly into the floor. It’s a great way to break up the monotony of a space that might have otherwise looked to uniform, but it’s also a lot better than throwing a rug in the bathroom that needs to be cleaned, washed, dried, and maintained to avoid getting musty smelling.

Your floors are always going to be a major selling point should you decide to flip your home, and a custom piece like this is almost always going to attract buyers that are looking to spend a little bit more on a piece of New York City real estate than those that aren’t.

You’ll obviously want to be sure that you get the green light to do this kind of pattern from your NYC plumber/Plumber NYC so that it isn’t placed on top of anything that would have to be accessed in the future. There is no reason to go with a beautiful piece of work like this the next time that your plumbing system springs a leak – whether you’re the homeowner at that point time or not!

Improve the quality of your hardware

Plumber NYC with house plans

Plumber NYC with house plans

This has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the kind of work that a NYC plumber is going to do for you but it also happens to be one of the least expensive ways to immediately improve the overall look and luxurious feel of a bathroom without ever threatening to bust your budget wide open.

Most of the hardware that comes with off-the-shelf or even semi-custom cabinets and vanities is nowhere near as high and looking as it probably could be (or even should be), but upgrading your hardware isn’t exactly the most expensive thing you’ll ever do, either.

Even better than that though is the fact that you’ll be able to pull off your hardware with nothing more than simple tools you already have laying around the house, and that you’ll be to make this upgrade all on your own. It shouldn’t take you any longer than a weekend or so to have all of your old hardware off and your new hardware on – though there’s always going to be the temptation to start tackling the hardware in the kitchen once you knock this kind of project off your list!

Thrift store furniture can become a beautiful vanity with just a little bit of work

Furniture vanities are really starting to explode in popularity these days (for a bunch of different reasons), but if you’ve been looking for a way to reuse, recycle, or repurpose a thrift store by or and old antique that you just don’t have space for any longer, you might want to think about making the switch to a furniture based vanity.

Working hand-in-hand with your plumber NYC professionals/NYC plumber experts (they’ll be able to devise you on where and what to cut and we are to reinforce the furniture so that the plumbing NYC can be run efficiently in the new vanity), you should be able to quickly crank out a brand-new vanity in about a weekend (and maybe a little bit longer) that’s going to look far more luxurious than any off-the-shelf thing you could buy at a big box retailer.

Add in a drop in sync, a little bit of plumbing (provided by the best plumbers NYC/NYC Plumber has to offer) and maybe some new hardware and handles and you’ll be off to the races!

Spend money on your bathtub and shower

If there’s one area that you’re going to want to expand the budget at least a little bit in your discount luxury bathroom remodel project, it has to be here.

NYC Plumber working on pipes under sink

Plumber NYC working on pipes under sink

Every single plumbing NYC professional/NYC plumber experts out there is going to recommend that you spend just as much money as you reasonably can on your bathtub and your shower, really going the distance to get exactly what you’re looking for. There is a world of difference between cheap fiberglass “universal” bathtubs and showers and those made out of porcelain or ceramic – or even custom-made concrete and “poured in place” options, and it’s something that you’ll notice the second that you step foot in a bathroom.

If you’d like your bathtub and your shower to really have that luxurious look and feel that you are after, there is absolutely zero reason whatsoever to cut corners. Make sure that your NYC plumber understands that this is the focus of the project, and they will be sure to give you the high-end look, the high-end feel, and the high-end features that you’re after without ever threatening to blow your budget wide open in the process.